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We all love makeovers. Add dogs to the equation, and who could resist?

Every week, I am lucky enough to see Shannon absolutely transform the PBSOC dogs when she takes their photos. Since I've started putting up the PBSOC webpages as soon as dogs show up on Bradshaw's site, I am seeing the intake photos and then, thankfully, replacing them on Sunday with Shannon's pics. The before and afters are jaw dropping.

Wanna see a few from Sunday?

Daisy - Adopted!


Sam - Adopted!

Samantha - Adopted!

Sir Wrinkls - To Rescue, with his buddy Clay!



Thea - Adopted!

It's pretty amazing. I'm not sure why the intake photos are so horrible, but I look at those pictures and just see pitiful. Not the happy, wonderful dogs we all know.

So, today, thank you Shannon. And thank you to the volunteers who take photos and videos while walking dogs; those make a huge difference too.

Speaking of videos, here's the link to the ones I made this week, if you'd like to check them out (links are to the PBSOC pages unless they've been adopted, then you'll go to YouTube.)

Daisy, Kona, Sam, Smurfette, Sir Wrinkls, Xina, Joy, Thea, and Jane.

Plus, 24 dogs adopted and rescued this week, including long timer and volunteer fave Smurfette.

Great work, PBSOCers!



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