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Want to more about PB SOC? Please do visit their website to see the adoptable dogs and find out about volunteering opportunities. Such a great group doing great things for dogs.

Here's the info straight from PB SOC...

The Pit Bull Socialization and Obedience Crew (PB SOC) is a group of volunteers dedicated to bettering the lives of pit bull type dogs during their stay at the Sacramento County Animal Shelter.
Though pit bulls are our primary focus, you’ll notice many dogs on our website who are obviously not a pit bull or whose breed mix is simply a mystery. (Of course, that’s true of most of dogs, as visual breed identification has been proven to be unreliable.) Our ultimate goal is to reach a point that a special dedication to pit bull type dogs is no longer necessary. We aren’t there yet, but with our dedicated group of volunteers, we are able to expand our efforts in working with and advocating for more dogs at the shelter, no matter their shape, size, age or breed.
We treat every dog as an individual and we know that their looks have nothing to do with their behavior.* We also know that they all deserve a family to love. We are grateful for your consideration in adopting a Sacramento County shelter dog.

PBSOC1Our Methods

When working with the dogs, we practice science based training methods that balance positive reinforcement, benevolent leadership and building a relationship with each and every dog. We focus on decreasing stress by providing physical and mental stimulation. We build relationships by gaining trust using rewards and respecting comfort zones to teach dogs that people are the sources of all good things.

Our Program Includes:PBSOC2

  • Physical Stimulation: Exercise
  • Mental Stimulation: Obedience Training
  • Building Trust: Confidence Skill Building
  • Enhancing Relationships:
    • Getting to know each dog and evaluate individual needs
    • Helping match dogs with successful homes
    • Helping dogs associate that humans are friends! And friends are fun!
If you are interested in volunteering for PB SOC, the Pit Pull Socialization and Obedience Crew, you can check us out on Facebook or contact us here. Volunteers can participate in dog walking, socialization, and obedience training with shelter dogs most every day of the week. There are also many other rewarding opportunities to help out, and we can always use more volunteers!
Since our volunteers know the dogs so well, we created the PB SOC website to help match them to their forever families. Some of the dogs on this website are located at the county shelter, while others are in foster care for the shelter. Each dog’s webpage specifies where they are located and how you can arrange to meet them. For all adopters, the shelter requires that you complete an application prior to meeting the dog. In some cases, there are multiple families interested in the same dog and the application is the first step in finding the right match for you and the dogs. If you need help finding the right dog for your family, please ask! We are here to help!

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