Chunk a Luv Honey | Chandra (Update: Adopted)

When I first saw Honey I wasn't so sure she was the best choice for a trip to the river.

Chunk a Luv Honey
She's, well, stout. Stout in the best possible way, because she's definitely adorable. It's just that in her stoutness she looks a bit like she might...sink. Like a rock. A big rock.

But her PBSOC bio says that she loves the water and it has a pretty cute video of her in a kiddie pool, so I thought, Okay, Honey, harness up.

First off, this girl loves to ride in the car. Especially in the front seat. And preferably on the driver's lap in the front seat. Or maybe she just loves Ron. Dogs definitely love Ron. All of them. (And what's not to love?)

Secondly, she definitely does NOT sink. As soon as Honey saw the water, she ran right in. At full speed. There was a second or two of panic on her face when the ground dropped away and then she did it. She swam. And swam and swam and swam. Her bio was right, Honey absolutely LOVES the water.

She also likes taking walks, chicken treats, kisses and hanging out with you. She's a little timid of loud noises or sudden movements, and it takes her a little bit of time to get comfortable in a situation. But once she does, she's a gem.

Please share this sweet girl and let's get her in a loving home where she'll have all the treats, pets, kisses and trips to the river that she deserves.

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

Update 9.27.15: Honey has been adopted! Lots of other dogs are still waiting though, so please visit SacCountyDogs.com.



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