About Chloe

Hello! I'm Chloe. I am 13 years old and I volunteer with PB SOC. I love helping our shelter photographer Shannon Skalisky with her fabulous pictures, and also taking pictures myself of the shelter pups. I shoot and edit videos for them too! It makes me so happy knowing I'm helping a dog find his or her forever home.

I have a dog of my own, an almost 3 year old pit mix named Teddy (or Teds, Tedders, Bubba, Ted Ted, Bear, and many more). He was a rescue and in a foster home when we adopted him at 3 months old.  He is a pain sometimes, chewing up glasses, ruining my 55 dollar physical therapy equipment, but I love him sooooo much and I could never imagine life without my boy.

Thank you so much for reading Raise Your Paw. It means so much to my family and the dogs. To end this page I thought I would include my favorite picture I've taken of a shelter dog. This is the (Adopted!) and super sweet Mai Tai. I just adore how happy she looks!

xx Chloe