Still Waiting | Bailey & Murphy (Adopted!)

Two of my very favorite dogs are still waiting for someone to choose them and take them home...Bailey & Murphy.

Bailey is an absolutely gorgeous German Shepherd looking girl, who already knows several commands that she is happy to trot out for you in return for a treat: sit, down & shake. She walks perfectly on the leash, checks in often to make sure she's doing everything right, and will sit right down in your lap if you invite her in to snuggle. The volunteers at the shelter all know her and love her and their eyes light up when she comes near. No one can resist her charm and her happy, open face. Bailey seems to be house trained, she's good with other dogs, and she's smart too. It is way past time for her to have a family of her own to love.


Murphy, oh Murphy you sweet, sweet boy. We've taken Murphy on two field trips, to the Easter Egg hunt at Del Webb and to an adoption event at Petco. Both times he was a joy to be around. He rides in the car like a champ, and especially liked snuggling up with Chloe in the backseat. He greets toddlers, seniors and anyone who came to pet him with a wiggly butt and a bit smile. Murphy also loves playgroups and is an all around fun boy. He also loves to climb into your lap for a snuggle.


Some dogs just steal your heart and Bailey and Murphy have absconded with mine. I cannot wait to see their pictures on the adoption post some Monday soon. Today is Sunday and when I left the shelter, they were still there. I've got my fingers and toes crossed for these two.

If you think Bailey or Murphy might be a fit for you please visit their pages on the PB SOC site (BaileyMurphy), or you can see them in person at the Bradshaw Shelter. All adoptions are 50% off through the month of April and the shelter is completely full. If you are looking for a dog, now is the time. And if not you, maybe someone you know might just fall in love with one of these two cuties. So please do share!

Let's get Bailey and Murphy home.



Update: Both Murphy and Bailey were adopted and are safe at home:)


Murphy's Easter Field Trip | Chandra (Update: Adopted)

Sunshine, grass, plastic eggs, a buffet with strawberries, mini croissants, donuts rolled in colored sprinkles, sweet iced tea. Little girls in Easter dresses. The Easter Bunny in a golf cart festooned with crepe paper streamers. A white gazebo surrounded by rose bushes just starting to open their blossoms.

And four decked out chihuahua mixes and one black pittie boy in a hand decorated "Adopt Me' bandana.


Today we were lucky enough to score the great volunteer job of taking a dog on a field trip to the Del Webb Easter Egg Hunt in Elk Grove. As far as volunteer assignments go, it doesn't get much cushier than this. Ron and Chloe picked up PB Soc dog Murphy and loaded him into the car, where he rode like an absolute champ and loved looking out the window. They swung by and picked me up at home after I took our own boy Teddy for his morning walk (Okay, mostly tennis ball chasing, but whatever.)

The Shelter Volunteer Coordinator, Celeste Ingrid, brought her supplies...table, flyers on volunteering, and a big suitcase filled with decorated bandanas for the dogs. Several other volunteers came out with little dogs decked out in their finest notice-me-clothes and we all set up on the lawn at Rose Garden Park.

Murphy was in heaven. He got tons of attention from large and small people alike, behaved very nicely when offered treats and didn't steal any Easter candy. He had an extremely personal encounter with the Easter Bunny, where he moved in quickly for furry kisses. Grass rolling, a big rawhide bone, a rope toy, and string cheese treats made the day a big win for Murphy.

Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, and loved having the dogs there...several people said it added so much to the day. There were no forever homes found, but just getting Murphy out of his kennel and into the sunshine felt like a huge success. Any friends he won over to the idea of a shelter dog as an option is a big bonus.

We got to sit in the sun and watch the kids look for eggs and bask in all the great attention that Murphy enjoyed. And, yes, we did score a few of the donuts.

SacCountyDogs.com - Murphy

None of us wanted to leave and have to drive Murphy back to the shelter...it's one thing to walk dogs there, and a whole different feeling to take one out into the real world. Driving back, with Murphy cuddled up to Chloe in the back seat, it felt absolutely impossible that this beautiful, loving, playful puppy doesn't have a home. He's just like any other dog that is someone's much loved pet; it's just pure chance that has him in the shelter. All he needs is a someone to claim him, to teach him a few manners, and give him a chance to share all of his charm.

And he's just one dog. There are so many who just need that chance for someone to see their shining personalities. Once they get out of the kennels, they suddenly become a pet, a being with their very own personality, not a statistic. They are transformed.

We get to see the magical transformation every single week. And every single week, we shake our heads at the fact that these wonderful dogs aren't yet home.

For more information on Murphy, please visit SacCountyDogs.com or meet him in person at the Sacramento County Shelter. To find out about the little dogs, Poodle Mattie and Chihuahuas Rosa, Riley and Alice, please visit the Shelter's Website.  You'll be very glad you did.

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

Update: Murphy has been adopted! 4.27.15