The Ones Who Don't Make it Out... | Chandra

It's been a tough week at PBSOC. Normally I focus on the positive and only put the good stuff out there, but this week has really hit me hard. The shelter is overflowing with dogs and more keep coming in every day. Everyone is doing all they possibly can to get dogs out...Jamie sent press releases to all the media outlets and got interviews with Insight and news stations. Laura and I made new Facebook covers and flyers and posts. Delyse is frantically fighting the toughest fight behind the scenes. The shelter is running a $25 adoption special and PBSOC is doing a Home for the Holidays promo sponsored by a generous donor so fifty dogs can be adopted for free. Social media is busy with all the sharing and posting and our rescue partner in Canada has stepped up and is going to take six dogs from us. We need to raise money to make it happen, but being able to send SIX dogs is huge.

Unfortunately, despite all the heroic efforts, some dogs still do not make it out. And lately, there have been a lot of them.

Since I started volunteering with PBSOC, I haven't really been that aware of which dogs end up getting euthanized, although I know it happens, and there are certainly a few I've known about. Right now though, I'm a little more in the loop and am hearing more of the stories. And, yes, it's tough. The shelter is looking for any reason to be able to make space and the pit bull type dogs are going first.

Partly it's numbers; there are an awful lot of our blocky headed dogs at Bradshaw. Partly it's because other dogs get adopted faster. The two German Shepherds that came in recently both got adopted almost immediately and one of them, Sigmund, had tons of people commenting and sharing when his photo was posted on Facebook. That doesn't normally happen for the other dogs. Partly, too, it's because the pit bull type dogs are judged more harshly. A shepherd was adopted and then returned for being aggressive with another dog in the new home; he went back on the adoption floor and was adopted again the same day. Mitzi, a pit bull mix, had a very similar return situation and she was walked straight back to euthanasia. It's heartbreaking.

Whatever the reasons, I want these dogs to be remembered. People at Bradshaw cared about them, loved them, showered them with attention. The dogs played in playgroups, and took walks, and got chicken treats and kissed the PBSOC volunteers. Some are dogs that we did videos on. Each one was special to someone.

We cannot save them all. I know that. I know that the problem lies in the community, in not enough dogs being spayed and neutered, in breed discrimination in housing options, in economic hardship, in some people not understanding what it really takes to be a good dog owner. I believe that almost everyone at the shelter is pouring out their soul every day trying to take good care of these dogs and get them adopted. It is just never enough for all of them.

So, today, a little tribute to some of the ones who haven't made it out, a small sample of the many dogs who are euthanized every year. Each of them was an individual. Each of them deserved better.

They were all beautiful.

Tomorrow we'll be back at the shelter making another video. Shannon will be taking pictures. Delyse will be running playgroups with the help of lots of great people. Volunteers will be walking dogs and once 12:30 arrives, adopters will come and take new blockheaded family members home for Christmas. We'll remember the ones who didn't make it out, but mostly, we'll focus on the ones who still can. And we'll smile and laugh and get hugs and slobbery dog kisses. Because every single day we get to begin again.

If you'd like to help, please consider donating to the PBSOC fund to send six dogs to Canada. It's tax deductible and every little bit helps. For each of the six dogs who get to go, it means absolutely everything.




Holiday Pet Portraits with Shannon | Chandra

What an amazing day we had yesterday.

Over eighty families came out to Bradshaw, pets in tow, in order to have portraits taken by PBSOC photographer Shannon Skalisky. I knew the day would be a big success, but even knowing how great Shannon is, it still managed to completely exceed my expectations.

The event was scheduled from noon to 4:00 and by 2:30 we had to start turning people away because of the incredible turnout. Some wonderfully patient people and animals waited nearly two hours for their turn, including one pretty miraculous cat who sat on a bench with his leash, surrounded by dogs.

It was a true group effort with so many volunteers taking part to make the day a big success. To get a little idea of what it was like, here's Chloe's Behind The Scenes video of the day. And I've gotta say, I'm pretty proud of her for this one.

(If you cannot see the video below, view HERE.)

One of my favorite moments of the day was seeing Birdie, now Dory, the very first dog we walked with PB SOC. Lysa used her as our demo dog on our first time out, and I cannot believe I recognized her. I actually said, "that dog looks like Birdie," and her owners said, "It is Birdie!" The best part is that Dory's family is just adorable and she has a dog sibling that looks just like her. Doesn't this group just make you smile? (Dory's on the right.)

We brought Aussie and Teddy early to get their pictures done, and honestly, Aussie was the craziest dog of the day. She was so excited to see everyone and jumped around and vocalized like a banshee. Teddy took one look at Sabrina in her floral headdress and started barking at her like she was going to attack him. I was a little dubious that we were going to be able to get anything at all.

But then I remembered, Shannon. And sure enough, she pulled it off. The photos are just beautiful and I cannot believe the huge grin on Aussie's face. And yes, Teddy chilled out as soon as Sabrina took her headdress off!

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from the day. To view the whole gorgeous album, visit HERE. Shannon truly outdid herself.

Because, this face!
This beauty fell in love with the candy cane.
Just looks like a wise soul.


Walks beautifully on leash!

This guy's name is Papas.

And for a little more good news, Raisin just went to a new foster home where she'll get lots of attention, and Dottie got adopted today! Happy Holidays!




Raisin's Sleepover | Chandra

I've been watching little Raisin on Lysa Blackketter's FB feed ever since she scooped the abandoned demodex puppy up and took her home. Raisin is aptly named...she is wrinkly and kind of blackish brown, where she isn't pink. Her demodex is getting better but she's still a patchy haired fuzzy girl with a few scabs.

Don't tell Raisin that though. She thinks she is just fine, and beautiful. (Which she is.)

Yesterday, we got to bring Raisin home for a sleepover and while I'm writing, she's sleeping beside me on the sofa, in her little polka dot sweater, with her tongue sticking out. Dreaming.


It's been a bit of a whirlwind with her here. Aussie has been great, willing to play and teach Raisin a little bit about being a polite dog. Teddy, however, will have none of it. He stands a few feet away from Raisin and barks at her and absolutely does not want her anywhere near him or Aussie. He's not too thrilled when I play with her either, but he just resorts to the stink eye for that. Mostly he's sulking on the stairs, staring at her with disgust. He has deigned to let her sniff him a few times but that's as far as he's taken it.

Having her here has made me realize just what a perfect match Aussie and Teddy are, and how lucky we got with bringing her home. She played Teddy perfectly...when they met she pretty much ignored him and made him come to her. Then when he sought her out, she quickly set up boundaries with him so that he knew exactly how she expected to be treated. She was sweet about it mostly, but very, very clear. Now he completely trusts her...they wrestle several times a day, with much gnashing of teeth and grabbing of necks, and they know exactly when to pull back and give it a break. They sleep next to each other in front of the fireplace, and she gets to choose which bed she wants first. He gives her little kisses on her ears and her nose. They walk side by side on leash and he doesn't get jealous when we give her attention. It's worked out really, really, well.

Raisin hasn't done anything wrong to deserve Teddy's disdain, she's just a puppy, and that's enough.

But what a delightful puppy she is. Lysa has taught her to sit for everything and the sight of tiny Raisin jumping around like a pink-clad bunny and then quickly sitting is enough to make you melt. The sit and then the sweet gaze into your eyes; she's so proud of herself for that quick sit. She loves her belly rubbed, follows you everywhere, and adores snuggling. She also sleeps all night long in her crate without so much as a whimper. She's going to make someone very, very happy.

Right now, Lysa's got her, but everyone is hoping for someone else to be able to step in and foster little Raisin, or foster-to-adopt (which means all of her medical expenses will be paid by PBSOC) or just adopt her right now. Lysa works full time and that's not the best situation for such a little one. In the meantime, I have a feeling she's going to have several sleepovers with the PBSOC crew in her future. She's just that adorable.

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

Let's get this girl home for Christmas. She'll look pretty cute in an ugly Christmas sweater! And when that hair grows in, watch out, she'll be an absolute beauty.

Update: Raisin found a new foster family very quickly, and they've since become her forever family.




Let's Celebrate Adoptions, and Gus | Chandra (Update: Adopted!)

What a very, very happy Monday.

I adore seeing PBSOC's Facebook post on Mondays with all of the dogs that were adopted the previous week and today was especially wonderful because there were so many who went home, Including two of my very favorites, Holstein and Harry Potter. When we did Holstein's video, I loved his tiny-bit-shy personality at the river and then his outgoing-comfortable-playful side in playgroups when we got back to the shelter. I got to see Harry Potter when Aimee Sadler was here teaching us all about Playgroups and fell fast for his sweet mug and short legs. Not to mention the lightning bolt on his back. But honestly, I am just as thrilled for the dogs I don't know personally because I know if I did have a chance to spend time with them, they'd crawl right into that space under my heart too.

A couple of weeks ago the PBSOC webpage was looking a little sad, filled with intake photos, because Shannon hadn't been able to keep up with all of the dogs that had come in. Thanks to her marathon session last Saturday, the page was absolutely transformed and it showed in the adoption numbers this week. Those photos, along with the skillfully written bios, make a huge difference in getting people to fall in love online with our dogs. It's all about the happy, about showing the great side of these wonderful dogs, not the down-on-their-luck moment when they first arrive at the shelter. It's about possibility and potential and shining the sun on their beauty and their quirks and their personalities. And Shannon does all of that with her images each and every time.

It truly takes a team to make PBSOC what it is, and what a team we have. From Delyse's fearless and tireless leadership, to Jamie Kain's beautiful words, to Laura Blickle's PR prowess, to all the hours put in by so many people running playgroups and walking dogs and attending adoption events and fostering and just loving these dogs, it's a real group effort. Sometimes I truly do have to pinch myself at how far Bradshaw has come since I volunteered years ago. Is there room for improvement? Of course. But every so often it's important to stop and reflect on the successes and bask for a moment in that light.

To share the happiness, here's this week's lucky PBSOC dogs who found their families:

Raise Your Paw_PBSOC_Adoptions 11.23.15

And then, because we want this week to be just as fruitful, here's a little peek at the lovable, squishable, smooshable Gus. He loved us, we loved him, and he'll love you too. Let's get this beautiful boy home!

(If you cannot see the video, please view HERE.)

Update: Gus has been adopted! For more info on other dogs who are still waiting, visit SacCountyDogs.com.

Happy Monday, everyone.




Photos by Chloe | Chandra

Today, a little something different. Instead of taking a dog to the river, PBSOC asked us to help out with updating some of the dogs' photos for the website. There have been a ton of dogs coming in and it's awfully difficult for Shannon to keep up with them all. When they don't have one of her beautiful shots, the dogs just have their intake shot from when they first were dropped off at the shelter. You can imagine that the situation doesn't make for the most comfortable or flattering photos.

While Ron walked dogs, Chloe and I set up right outside the barn and play yards, in the drizzle. Neither of us were bright enough to bring rain jackets, so things got a little damp. She took photos and I did my best to lure the dogs' attention to her camera with chicken, a tennis ball and squeaky noises.

Despite the inclement weather, and my mediocre dog luring abilities, Chloe's shots came out beautifully. (And I did get to use my model agent editing skills to PBSOC's advantage!)

So proud of our girl today.

Most of the dogs below are available for adoption...click on their names to go to their PBSOC bios.



Holstein (Adopted)

Otto (Adopted)

Penelope (Adopted)




Bolt (Adopted

Eva (Not yet available)

Morgan (In need of a long term foster; click HERE for info)

Please share!




Holstein & Playgroups | Chandra (Update: Adopted!)

This boy. Oh my goodness, that muzzle, I just want to kiss it.

♥ Holstein 
I'm pretty sure you will too...

When we took Holstein out of his kennel, he was pretty shy and skittish...his ears back, his tail between his legs. He took a piece of chicken from me and let me put his harness on just fine, but he was clearly scared. Even when we got out in front of the shelter, he still was pretty worried.

The car seemed like a safe place to him; he settled right in, sitting against me in the backseat, my arm around him. At River Bend park, he was willing to walk with us and to explore and to take treats, but still wasn't the happy dog I was hoping to see. But sweet, oh yes, a complete love. And his shyness only made me love him more. Did I mention that velvety muzzle of his, with the adorable spots?

Back at the shelter, Delyse had us hang out for a bit in an outdoor play area and we quickly saw a different dog emerge. This Holstein was prancing. His tail was up high, his ears perky, his mouth open and smiling, He ran along the fence when people walked by and greeted other dogs with his friendly nose.

And then, best of all, Holstein got to join in playgroups. There, running, frolicking, climbing into the wading pool, greeting Delyse and wanting attention, he shone.

Playgroups are magic. They are a place where the shelter dogs can just be dogs, can play with their friends and learn confidence. A place where they can have fun. Holstein is a perfect example. He's able to feel comfortable and learn that people are safe, that it's totally okay to be happy and have a good time. It gives him a chance to open up, and best of all, a chance for people to see him for the dog he really is.

Tomorrow, I am so excited to be starting a three day training on playgroups with Aimee Sadler, of Dogs Playing for Life. She's coming to the Bradshaw shelter to share her knowledge with the staff and volunteers. Delyse already has implemented playgroups for the dogs, and it's made a world of difference. Instead of volunteers having to walk one dog a time, now multiple dogs can play together, develop social skills and get their energy out. They learn to behave in ways that make them appealing to potential adopters, and they have such a great time. There is nothing like a group of dogs running and wrestling, tongues out, with big happy grins on their faces.

That's what Holstein got to do today, and that's where I get to be tomorrow. How lucky am I?

This boy really is something special and he's going to make someone a wonderful best friend.

(Updated: Holstein has been adopted!)




The Vet, The Fence & Aussie | Chandra

Today Aussie took a little trip to the vet.

Her second one in three days.

The first one was to get her heartworm meds and to get her all checked out so we could sign up for pet insurance, which has been a big help with Teddy over the last couple of years. She was her wiggly, friendly self with everyone, lots of tail wags and kisses. Aussie is a very tolerant girl.

She's also turned out to be quite a bit more energetic than she was when we took her out of the shelter to the river or when we first had her home with us. I think she must have been emotionally exhausted from being at the shelter because she's much different these days.

In playgroups at the shelter, she was a rockstar. She got along with everyone and did a great job of interacting with the other dogs. She's terrific with Teddy at home too, and they're good at taking a break from playing before things get out of hand.

But she's suddenly decided that if she sees another dog on a leash and they are within about five feet of her that she needs to go completely nuts and try to get to them. Lunging and craziness ensue.

She also thinks that if she's off leash and sees a dog that the best thing to do is run right up to them, at full speed, without slowing down when she reaches them. And Aussie runs VERY fast.

As you can imagine, this does not go over very well with the dog she's greeting. Not at all.

In addition to greeting dogs will full force exuberance, she also has determined that she needs to greet new humans the same way. First the run at full speed, and then a big leap.

Goodness Aussie, what's up with that?

No more off leash greetings. And lots of leash work ahead of us with passing other dogs to remind her of her manners.

Can you see where this vet story is going yet?

The day after her checkup, we took her to Elk Grove Park, where there is a little dog park that is typically empty. That morning there was just one calm older lab and his human, playing ball. Aussie ran over, at full throttle. Dax the lab didn't like that so much. He growled at her and they both jumped up in the air at each other. It lasted about half a second and then they both sniffed butts and walked away. We headed her off and took her around the perimeter of the dog park where she happily checked out all the delicious smells. Until she made a run for Dax's (elderly!) owner and jumped on him.

Leash on, out of park. Lots of apologies. Major embarrassment.

That's when we noticed the gash in Aussie's side. Actually, the two gashes.

They didn't seem so bad at first but after getting home we looked closely and decided to call the vet. Aussie acted like nothing had happened; I don't even think she had noticed yet.

After sharing some phone pics of the wound, our vet thought it could wait until Monday, or might heal on it's own. But after a night of her being restless and me having to stop her from licking herself numerous times while we were supposed to be sleeping, and then her being very lethargic this morning and it looking worse, we ended up at the vet at 8:00 am.

Anesthesia and stitches. $425.

I'm hoping that the no-waiting-period-if-you-sign-up-for-pet-insurance-within-24-hours is a real thing. Fingers crossed.

Aussie now has a big shaved square on her side with some ugly looking stitches. And did I mention the still oozing blood? Luckily, she's feeling much better and ate her dinner like a champ. Right now she's wearing a striped T-shirt so she doesn't pester the wounds and sleeping next to me on the bed. I think she's happy to be home.

While she was at the vet, we had a handyman at our house.

He built a three foot extension above our back fence.

Why, you ask?

Because our sweet girl had enough of the neighbors little yapping dogs last week and jumped OVER our fence, into their yard.

Now, we know Aussie is a sweetie and likes other dogs. But all the neighbor saw was a pit bull barking and leaping over the fence at his little Pomeranian.

He was not amused.

Cost of fence extension? $480.

I'm pretty sure the Pet Insurance will not be covering that.

Aussie, though?

Our girl is priceless.


The Epitome of Forgiveness: Popeye | Chandra (Update: Adopted)

I know that every week I say we hung out with the best dog ever...but today, Popeye really did win that honor.

♥    Popeye   ♥

Popeye is a little funny looking at first glance...he's very short, with a great big head, a very muscular front end and a skinny little backside. At some point in his life Popeye had broken bones in his hind legs that were never treated and had to heal the best he could, on his own. Whatever his past was, he doesn't hold it against people. I've never met a more friendly, loving, sweet and happy dog. He's all about tail wags and big face splitting grins.

Popeye gets along great with everyone, likes to play with girl dogs and is waiting very patiently for a very special family to scoop him up and make him their own.

Please share Popeye far and wide and let's get this boy the wonderful home he so deserves!

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

Update: Popeye has been adopted! There are always lots of fabulous dogs who are available, please visit SacCountyDogs.com to see them and fall in love.


In Honor of Aussie's Home-aversary... | Chandra

A little about the newest addition to our family, on the one month anniversary of bringing her home; and pictures.


Wakes us up with kisses and little sneezes and big tail wags each morning. It's like she cannot believe that we're still there, every single day.

Curls up between us in bed, in a little pitball, every night. We wrap a blanket around her and she pretty much doesn't move until morning.

Gets the cutest look on her face when Ron & Chloe leave for school and she doesn't realize I'm still home...when she notices me, she gets so happy and wiggly.

Loves, loves, loves going for walks. The harness and leash come out and she's in heaven.

Is learning down and stay. Teddy is the quickest learner ever; not sure that Aussie is quite so smart in that department but she's trying. She sits and (mostly) stays when we prep her food and is an expert already at playing "find me" where the dogs stay, we go hide, they find us and get lots of treats.

Has found her voice. The first two weeks she didn't make a peep; now she's starting to make a cute little deep throated whine when she wants something. Mostly food. Sometimes a walk. Again.

Has helped Teddy lose several pounds with all the wrestling, tug and chase.

Has a bad habit of wanting to eat tennis balls. First she shreds them in little pieces, then consumes. No more tennis balls for her.

Loves everyone. If you meet her, you are automatically Aussie's best friend. Dog, human, she loves them all.

We're so glad we brought Aussie home, and even more thrilled that she's here to stay. Every day I kiss her on that cute little nose and say, "You are ours girl. You are home."

Walk please!

Daddy is my hero.


Best buds in a down stay before dinner.

10 seconds later brought a full on wrestling match.

Happy Girl.

Love you sweet girl.


Kisses & A Poem for Gracie | Chandra (Update: In Rescue)

Gotta give my husband props. Every single week he gives these dogs his all. Whether he ends up covered in dog hair, dog saliva or mud, he's there. Plus, have you seen his play game? It is definitely on point.

Seriously though, dogs love Ron. Our two follow him around the house like he's their god, and compete to see who can snuggle up closest to him on the sofa. The shelter dogs sense something in him and quickly are put at ease.

Today's field trip dog, Gracie, was no exception to this rule. At first she was a little hesitant about the water, but with Ron's coaxing with a tennis ball, she quickly figured out that the river is fun.

And then there were the kisses...

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

I'm pretty sure the feeling was mutual today, given that Ron wrote Gracie a poem...

A Poem for Gracie

The river was cool, but so was she.
She romped on the banks with so much glee.

She paused and waited, while I tossed a muddy ball.
Then quickly and bravely gave it her all.

We saw right away that she's a playful pooch.
Has she gotten into a bottle of hooch?

Your white face bright and beaming, you're such a beauty, Gracie.
You're definitely cuter than Kevin Spacey.

You deserve a family who wants plenty of licks.
You will definitely have your pick.

So, there you are. She's a movie star who's receiving fan mail already!

Update: Gracie is safe in rescue but lots of other dogs are still waiting to meet you at Bradshaw.




Celebrate Your Pitbull | Chandra

I believe that people are good.

It's easy to become jaded at the shelter, to think people are irresponsible and don't value their animals, especially when you don't really get to hear the stories of how all the dogs end up there.

Certainly there are plenty of cruelty cases and folks who abandon animals for ridiculous reasons. But lots of times, dogs end up at the shelter despite peoples' best intentions. A job is lost, an elderly person dies, a family cannot afford veterinary care or find housing that will accept their pitbull. Someone asks about spaying their puppy and is told that it's best to wait until she's gone through one heat cycle, or is a year old, or even has had a litter. A young man's friends believe in conspiracy theories and tell him that a microchip will allow the government to track him by GPS. A family doesn't know anything about training or socializing dogs and brings in a cute puppy from someone giving away a litter at Walmart who in a year turns into way more than they can handle. Things happen. The dog waiting for her first heat cycle gets pregnant. Another litter is born.

I believe the key is supporting and educating owners who love their dogs, want to do right by them, and could use a little help.

The Celebrate Your Pitbull event, put on by the Sacramento County Shelter, provided microchips, vaccines, name tags and spay and neuter vouchers for Bully breed dogs...for FREE. Over thirty five shelter and veterinary volunteers spent their Saturday morning making it all happen.

A half an hour before things officially started, people were already waiting, dogs beside them. This family was first in line, happy to get shots and spay and neuter vouchers for their two gorgeous blocky headed dogs, Hades and Lily.

Hades & Lily and their people.

All morning I had the privilege of hearing peoples' stories. Almost every person got their dog either as a stray on the street or from a homeless person, neighbor, family member or friend whose dog had a litter. There were a few who purchased their puppies from Craigslist ads, and they mostly said they did it because they fell in love with a picture and couldn't stand the thought of the puppy going to an unscrupulous owner.

This couple's puppy showed up in front of their house starving, emaciated, and full of bugs. They put a bag of dog food out for her and she tore it open and gobbled up every single bit of kibble, one little piece at a time. That did it; she was home to stay. Hoping she would survive, they named her Hope. These two were old school in thinking that they had to let her have one litter so she'd be healthy and get to experience motherhood and were pretty set against having little Hope spayed. We talked for quite awhile about all the reasons spaying is so important, and about how not every little pup is lucky enough to find a family like theirs. After our talk, they filled out the paperwork to get Hope's spay voucher.

Hope and her angels.

I had this same type of conversations multiple times today. A few men thought it wasn't fair to their male dog to get him neutered. One man was worried that his baby wouldn't survive the neuter surgery; that it was dangerous. And every single time, after having a very short talk, their eyes lit up and paperwork was filled out. Every single time.

Cleo & her dad.

There were also quite a few litters of puppies at the event. One young man found a stray pregnant mama dog and took her in; he showed up today with these tiny puppies in a box thinking they could get their shots. He was overwhelmed and doing his best. I'm so glad there was a place for him to go to get help and information, and kind people to give it to him.

Box o' puppies.

A few people had bred their dogs on purpose, again mostly because they felt it was good for the mama. Hopefully we made a little bit of an impact on them too.

Boots & Autumn. Happy to say that Boots, his sibling, and their mama all got their spay/neuter vouchers.

One of many litters today.

Everyone was full of smiles and grateful for the help. The dogs were beautiful and so were their owners.

Puppies and dogs and kind hearted people and the chance to make things a little better. I cannot think of a happier way to spend a beautiful Saturday.

Yin & her brother Yang were adopted from friends. Both puppies are getting spay/neuter vouchers.

For more information on low cost or free spaying and neutering, please visit SacAnimal.org. If you'd like to help out with future events, you can reach out to the Sacramento Animal Shelter Volunteer Coordinator, Celeste Ingrid, at 916-875-5848.

Today's volunteers rocked!

We'd love to have you!




Mellow Girl Winnie | Chandra (Update: Adopted)

Today we took out our mellowest dog ever...Winnie.

This girl is chill. She walks calmly, she investigated the river calmly, she rode in the car calmly. She did get a little excited to catch a tennis ball and definitely pricked up her ears when she saw a squirrel, but overall, calm.

If you are looking for a friend who is just happy to be by your side, to take a mellow stroll around the neighborhood and then curl up with you for a nap, Winnie is your girl. She'll be happy to just slide right into your life, no major exertion on your part needed.

Some kisses, some pets, a tennis ball, some treats and she's good.

Please share Winnie and let's find this girl a family of her own to relax with!

(If you cannot see the video below, please watch it HERE.)

Update 9.27.15: Winnie has been adopted! Lots of other dogs are still waiting though, so please visit SacCountyDogs.com.




Chunk a Luv Honey | Chandra (Update: Adopted)

When I first saw Honey I wasn't so sure she was the best choice for a trip to the river.

Chunk a Luv Honey
She's, well, stout. Stout in the best possible way, because she's definitely adorable. It's just that in her stoutness she looks a bit like she might...sink. Like a rock. A big rock.

But her PBSOC bio says that she loves the water and it has a pretty cute video of her in a kiddie pool, so I thought, Okay, Honey, harness up.

First off, this girl loves to ride in the car. Especially in the front seat. And preferably on the driver's lap in the front seat. Or maybe she just loves Ron. Dogs definitely love Ron. All of them. (And what's not to love?)

Secondly, she definitely does NOT sink. As soon as Honey saw the water, she ran right in. At full speed. There was a second or two of panic on her face when the ground dropped away and then she did it. She swam. And swam and swam and swam. Her bio was right, Honey absolutely LOVES the water.

She also likes taking walks, chicken treats, kisses and hanging out with you. She's a little timid of loud noises or sudden movements, and it takes her a little bit of time to get comfortable in a situation. But once she does, she's a gem.

Please share this sweet girl and let's get her in a loving home where she'll have all the treats, pets, kisses and trips to the river that she deserves.

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

Update 9.27.15: Honey has been adopted! Lots of other dogs are still waiting though, so please visit SacCountyDogs.com.




Aussie's Adventure | Chandra

Aussie has settled in nicely. She has her favorite places to curl up for a nap, she's made it clear to Teddy when she wants to wrestle and when to leave her be, she's claimed Ron as her own by following him everywhere he goes. She jumps with excitement when we pick up the leashes and wants to play with every dog she meets on walks. She gives us sweet little soft kisses.

Today, she got a treat. A trip back to the river. This time with Teddy. Lots of tennis ball chasing, swimming, tail wagging and zoomies. Especially zoomies.

Chloe came along with her camera and I'll just let her pics do the talking for me...

Aussie gearing up to zoom...

Full speed.

Our handsome Ted.

He always finds the big sticks.



Pretty girl.

She's not very good at catching tennis balls...this pic is after she missed it.

You can do it girl!


Biggest dorks ever.

Photos by this lovely girl.

Update: We were the fastest foster fail ever...Aussie has found her forever home...with us! When it's right, it's right.