About Chandra

I'm Chandra Bourne, a serenity loving introvert living in a busy house with my husband, Ron, our decidedly extroverted daughter, Chloe, and our two pit bull mix rescues, Teddy & Aussie. I'm the twenty plus year owner of Cast Images Talent Agency, and definitely at my most content with an iced tea, some shade and a great book.

The past year I've been focusing on getting back to doing things that I loved before I became a mom. That means yoga twice a week, piano lessons, coloring (yes, coloring) and volunteering with dogs.

Working with PB Soc is the most recent item on my list and I'm thrilled to be back.

I look forward to sharing this space with old friends and new ones. Hopefully our three voices will help spread the word about some of the great dogs who are waiting patiently at the Bradshaw Shelter for their forever homes.

Please do share and subscribe by email. Help us get the word out!

Chandra & shelter fave Sydney.

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