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Today was a very good day.

Sometimes when I spend the morning at the shelter, it feels like I helped a bit by getting a dog out for a walk, but it also can feel like anyone could have done it. I know that every single person counts, and every time a dog gets out of their kennel and has some attention definitely does matter, but there are some days when there just isn't a real connection.

Today wasn't one of those days.

Meet Jackie.

Jackie is a five month-ish old puppy with a case of noncontagious Demodex. That means that much of her hair is missing, her skin is very scabby and she smells kinda yeasty. She's also very itchy.

You would think that all of this would make Jackie one miserable little girl.

You would be wrong.

Jackie is the happiest, most exuberant, sweetest puppy I've ever met. She has absolutely no idea that there is anything wrong with her. Sure, she's probably itchy, but that isn't going to stop her from greeting each and every person she encounters with a huge smile and a big case of the wiggles. Jackie is just thrilled with life.

When she first came out of her kennel, Jackie was very rambunctious, jumping up and twirling around. A cement kennel is no place for a puppy, and especially not for this one. All she wanted was to be petted and to be OUT.

Once we walked for a bit her real personality started to emerge. This sweet grey girl absolutely adores snuggling. She wants to climb right onto your lap anytime you sit down, and preferably have you scratch all of her itchy bits. She's happy to kiss you too and thrilled with treats. Once Jackie got her wiggles out, she caught on to the idea of sitting for a treat super quickly and even started to get the hang of watch mes. Shake should be very easy to teach her as well because one of her go to moves for a treat is lifting her paw. This is a smart girl.

We hung out, we cuddled, Jackie walked beautifully on her leash once she got some energy out and then was content to lay on a dog bed and chew a bone that had some little pieces of kibble in it. She barks when other dogs walk by but was extremely responsive when I called her over and offered her some treats for a focused-on-me sit.

I spent about two hours with Jackie and felt like we made some breakthroughs. She settled down enough to focus on me and learn a few things and she had some time where she just got to be a puppy, not a shelter dog with Demodex. That felt so good. That felt like it mattered.

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

Jackie needs a foster home where she can heal from her Demodex (just some medicated baths and some oral medication) and get ready for her forever family. She'd also be perfect for a foster-to-adopt situation...that means she goes home with you now, but medical costs are paid for by the shelter.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Jackie, please email sacramentocountydogs@gmail.com.

And if you can't take in Jackie personally, that's okay, I can't either (although I sure wish I could).

Instead, please do share this blogpost and help get this wonderful puppy out of the kennel and into a loving home, stat!



Update: PB Soc posted our blog and video to Jackie's page and that afternoon she went home with a wonderful family in a foster-to-adopt. So, so happy for this sweet girl and her new family.


SWF, 8, Seeks Partner -- Charmaine | Ron (Update: Adopted)

I don't usually respond to personal ads in the K-9 Daily Herald, but this one caught my eye. It was unique. It was well crafted. And it had me very curious.

Here's what it said:

SWF, 8, seeking partner or family to share my life. Mature and cute as hell. If you prefer an older women, I'm your gal. Those younger chicks will chew you up and spit you out, including your shoes and other valuable household belongings. I'm just looking for someone who wants a sweet disposition. I enjoy mellow walks along shady paths. My favorite movie is Pitch Perfect. Wait until you hear me sing. And I don't want to be too forward, but I enjoy a good roll in the hay.

Wow, I thought, I gotta meet this girl. So off I went to introduce myself.

I was nervous at first, as I am on all blind dates. What if she didn't like my leash work? What if she wasn't a fan of boiled chicken?

Her name was Charmaine. And my fears quickly subsided as we began our stroll. She was a delightful companion, barely tugging me on our walk. And she was pretty, too. I mean, I personally like older women, but this girl was really a looker.

We paused under a shade tree and relaxed. She eyed me for a moment, then began to roll on her back. And roll some more. This was obviously what she meant by "roll in the hay"... I gotta admit, I was impressed.

Charmaine was winning my heart. I was thinking about the two of us vacationing in a vineyard in the south of France.  Side-by-side strolling happily.

But I had to hear one more thing. Her voice. I needed to hear her sing.

She coyly shook her head no when I politely asked. We walked a bit further, sat down, and I asked again.

"Wait," she said to me with her doleful eyes.

"Wait for what?", I thought to myself.

So we waited. She casually stretched out in the cool grass and sat silently.

Until it came. In the distance at first. And then closer. The sirens of a passing fire truck. She rose to her feet, put her nose to the sky, and the next sound I heard was pure nectar to my ears.


You might be asking how the date ended. It's hard to say. I gave her a hug when we returned to her place, but I knew she would have many other suitors.

Little did I know that later that same day she would find her forever love.

I'll never listen to singing the same way again (wipes tear from eye).

Want to find your love match? Visit the Bradshaw Shelter or check out more adoptable dogs at SacCountyDogs.com.

(And if you cannot see our videos in the post, please view them here: Howl & Roll)



Cuddles Are Worth a Walk in Nature | Chloe (Update: Adopted)

Nature and I, we aren't the best of friends. My parents always say, "Who would want to go to the gym when you can be out in the beautiful outside?" You know who? Me. The gym means no bees (or any bugs, for that matter), no itchy grass or plants, and some even have those fun TV screens on the treadmills.

But this Sunday, I made an exception. "Want to go with us to the river?" NO. "Want to go with us to the river with a really cute dog?" YES YES YES PLEASE. I got packed and ready to go. My bag included my polaroid camera, my DSLR camera, and my phone. The necessities only, obviously.

When we first picked up Mai Tai, she was shy and scared. I felt bad her. Her tail in between her legs, hesitantly following along on the leash. She even peed on my Dad's hand a little bit being lifted into the car. She paced around the back, but eagerly took treats from my hand.

After walking around at the river for a little bit, she started to become her amazing self. She was so cute frolicking around in the water, and letting out some zoomies. I was waiting the entire walk to have her curl up on my lap and snuggle, that's always my favorite part of outings.

Mai Tai was an excellent model. Have you seen those ears? She's just about the cutest thing on the planet, and not to mention already knows basic commands and is pretty good on leash!

The ride home was my favorite part. She snuggled up on my lap, we took selfies. It was all good.

Mai Tai would love a home with a polite male dog and a place where she feels safe (and has a lap to curl up on!) 

Visit SacCountyDogs.com to learn more about Mai Tai. And be sure to watch the video I made for her, below my pics.

--Chloe ♥

Update: Mai Tai has been adopted but there are many other wonderful dogs still waiting:)

Mai Tai_SacCountyDogs.com
Told you she was photogenic.
Mai Tai_SacCountyDogs.com
Mai Tai and me

(If you cannot see the video below, please watch it HERE.)