Let's Celebrate Adoptions, and Gus | Chandra (Update: Adopted!)

What a very, very happy Monday.

I adore seeing PBSOC's Facebook post on Mondays with all of the dogs that were adopted the previous week and today was especially wonderful because there were so many who went home, Including two of my very favorites, Holstein and Harry Potter. When we did Holstein's video, I loved his tiny-bit-shy personality at the river and then his outgoing-comfortable-playful side in playgroups when we got back to the shelter. I got to see Harry Potter when Aimee Sadler was here teaching us all about Playgroups and fell fast for his sweet mug and short legs. Not to mention the lightning bolt on his back. But honestly, I am just as thrilled for the dogs I don't know personally because I know if I did have a chance to spend time with them, they'd crawl right into that space under my heart too.

A couple of weeks ago the PBSOC webpage was looking a little sad, filled with intake photos, because Shannon hadn't been able to keep up with all of the dogs that had come in. Thanks to her marathon session last Saturday, the page was absolutely transformed and it showed in the adoption numbers this week. Those photos, along with the skillfully written bios, make a huge difference in getting people to fall in love online with our dogs. It's all about the happy, about showing the great side of these wonderful dogs, not the down-on-their-luck moment when they first arrive at the shelter. It's about possibility and potential and shining the sun on their beauty and their quirks and their personalities. And Shannon does all of that with her images each and every time.

It truly takes a team to make PBSOC what it is, and what a team we have. From Delyse's fearless and tireless leadership, to Jamie Kain's beautiful words, to Laura Blickle's PR prowess, to all the hours put in by so many people running playgroups and walking dogs and attending adoption events and fostering and just loving these dogs, it's a real group effort. Sometimes I truly do have to pinch myself at how far Bradshaw has come since I volunteered years ago. Is there room for improvement? Of course. But every so often it's important to stop and reflect on the successes and bask for a moment in that light.

To share the happiness, here's this week's lucky PBSOC dogs who found their families:

Raise Your Paw_PBSOC_Adoptions 11.23.15

And then, because we want this week to be just as fruitful, here's a little peek at the lovable, squishable, smooshable Gus. He loved us, we loved him, and he'll love you too. Let's get this beautiful boy home!

(If you cannot see the video, please view HERE.)

Update: Gus has been adopted! For more info on other dogs who are still waiting, visit SacCountyDogs.com.

Happy Monday, everyone.



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