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Last week, I wrote a post about the dogs who haven't made it out of Bradshaw and I know that it hit so many of you, hard. It is important to acknowledge our losses, but it is even more crucial to celebrate our successes. What we focus on grows.

All of us PBSOC volunteers fall in love with certain dogs. Each day a few more make their way into our hearts. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming to see all of the new dogs each week that come into the shelter and it's easy to wonder if it's even possible to find them all homes.

Well, here's a little inspiration for you. This collage features just SOME of the dogs who have been adopted or rescued during the last four months of 2015. Did you catch that? FOUR MONTHS!  I only included dogs who had glamour shots so it doesn't even count the many, many dogs who went home before they had a chance to get a fancy picture. And even of the dogs with great photos, I can guarantee that this isn't everybody. And it also doesn't include the many dogs who are in foster homes right now, safe and happy.

If that doesn't make you think that we're doing some good, I don't think anything will. Look at all those beautiful faces, all of them safe and on to better lives.

The dog walks, the playgroups, the photos, the bios, the videos, the rescue networking, the fostering, the adoption events, the adoption counseling, the social media posts, the laughter, the emails, the hand wringing and the tears. They all lead to this.

One dog at a time. One volunteer at a time.

So, in the spirit of one, here's Apollo. We took him out on a field trip to the park today and made him a video. We petted him and snuggled in the back seat and fed him chicken. We laughed as he chewed up a tennis ball while nestled in a pile of leaves and let him sniff and explore all he wanted. We took him back to the shelter and put him in his kennel and then I edited. And now, we share.

Apollo, we wish you the very, very best. You are a fantastically good boy, with a silky gorgeous coat and a snuggly soft side. You deserve your forever family and we hope they will find you very soon.

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

So PBSOC folks, a big thank you for all that you do. One dog at a time, we're making a difference.

And if you aren't yet volunteering, we'd love to have you on board. You can find lots of info HERE.

Happy New Year!!



Update: Apollo was adopted!

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