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This Sunday I tried something new. Instead of taking one dog out of the shelter, I roamed around and did videos of lots of different dogs, hoping to make a compilation of adoptable dogs. After trying to film in playgroups (way too muddy and I'm not good enough with the camera to catch the zoomies), I found the PBSOC dog walkers and got some footage that way. And, of course, I ended up back in the photo room with Shannon, where I always love to hang out.

Two of the dogs I filmed were lucky enough to get picked up by their owners the same day, which left me with seven to edit. Too many hours later, given that I'm still pretty slow with iMovie, here's what I ended up with. (I still need to edit the compilation!) I'm hopeful that these "mini" videos will help the dogs and might even be better in our short-attention-span world.

Let me know what you think, and, of course, enjoy!

First up, Mr. Chill, Jeremy. He was the absolute best dog at his photoshoot, letting us dress him up and sitting very patiently for the camera. I was lucky enough to work with him again later in the day when Erin from Tug Dogs spent time with the PBSOC volunteers teaching us how to better work with the shelter dogs. He was a champ. Although he clearly hadn't spent much time on a leash, by the end of the session, Jeremy had figured out that when I changed directions, he should follow, not dig in his heels and stop. He also spent some happy time sitting on my lap getting a massage. Smart boy! And I learned, thanks to Erin, some good tricks to motivate a dog who isn't interested in treats. Win, win. (Update, Adopted!)

Next is Dorito. You can see by her one sticking-up-like-a-corn chip-ear where she gets her name! This girl looks a little stout, but she surprised me by being a wonderful jogging partner.

Monie is a love. And how cute is she in her "Adopt Me" bandana?

Buggy wins the award for cutest dog getting a belly rub ever. (Update, adopted!)

Josey will capture your heart with her sunshiney spirit. Costume changes are no problem for this roll-with-the-punches girl.

Shannon named Gracie after Grace Kelly, because she's such an elegant and graceful girl.

And lastly, with a super quick appearance and a mega watt smile, Marla. This girl is absolutely gorgeous with her grey brindle coat.

Lots of videos for a days' work. Fingers crossed that they help.

And, if for some reason you cannot see the videos, here are the YouTube links: Jeremy, Dorito, Monie, Buggy, Josey, Gracie, Marla.



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