Rollin' & Shakin' - Coco | Chandra (Update: Adopted)

Every week I worry that this time I won't have enough good stuff to make a video. I shoot each dog in the car, in the water, a little of walking on leash, a little of sitting for treats at our shady bench and of course I try to get some cute affection in somewhere. Invariably I think I'm taping at some point when I'm really not and I miss something that I kick myself for later. The dogs always have a great time, and we love taking them out on an adventure, but I definitely am always thinking about the edit I'll need to do later.

So I worry a bit.

But then, inevitably, I load everything into iMovie and start cutting and pasting and something pops out. With Aussie, it was her genuine sweetness and her little pounce when she got in the river. With Rousy, it was her spread out paws swimming through the water, with Darlin it was her trepidation and then her joy at learning about the water. These dogs always come though. There is always something that makes each dog special that manages to make it into my trusty iphone.

Today, we took out Coco. Delyse told us ahead of time that Coco might just be part pig because she loves to roll in the mud so much. And sure enough, Coco did some mighty fine rollin' for us. And just to be sure that I had enough for my edit, she added in some awesome shakin'.

So this Sunday, just like every other one so far, I had a big grin on my face when I dropped the music into place and saw Coco's video come alive. I hope you like it as much as I do...I'm pretty sure you aren't going to be able to resist her.

And then, after you watch, and smile, please share this girl and let's find her a home. She is going to make someone a terrific best friend. (Hey, and Aussie, Rousy and Darlin are still waiting too...)

If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.

Update 9.27.15: Coco has been adopted! Lots of other dogs are still waiting though, so please visit SacCountyDogs.com.




Darlin | Chandra

Today we got to take volunteer favorite Darlin out for an adventure. She's been at the shelter WAY too long and is so ready for her forever family to come and get her.

Darlin was overjoyed when I went in her kennel to leash her up...it took me quite awhile to get the harness on her because she was just so darn excited. She couldn't wait to get out and see what was happening in the world.

She climbed right up into the back seat and settled down for the ride, and spent most of it snuggled up against me. This girl is a love.

Darlin walks beautifully on leash, is great with other dogs, was a super good sport about learning about the river, sits immediately for a treat, and settles down nicely when she's had her exercise. She's affectionate, silly, happy and cute. She's got it all.

Please do share this sweet girl and let's get her home!

(And enjoy Ron's river dance...gotta love a guy who will do anything to make a dog comfortable.)

If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.

Update: Unfortunately, Darlin did not make it out of the shelter. Godspeed, sweet girl.




Rousy and the River | Chandra

When we started this blog, the plan was for Ron and I to walk dogs and for Chloe to film and edit videos to help them get adopted. It's turned out that Chloe mostly loves hanging out with Shannon Skalisky and helping get great photos of all the dogs each week instead. So Ron and I have been using my iphone to take video on our walks at the river, and then I come home and edit. I like editing and feel like I do a pretty decent job for an amateur. I focus on telling the story of each particular dog the best I can, and put the clips together in a way that hopefully showcases the dogs well and gives people a chance to see them as we do.

But I'm always trying to get Chloe to help me edit because she's so darn good at it. Where I start with the video clips by putting them in story order, she starts with the music and edits to that. Dropping in the music is the very last step for me, and it's the very first for her. I think it's pretty cool how different our approaches are and how different the finished products turn out with the same source material.

Today, I got lucky and Chloe wanted to edit. We ended up with a very cool, quick edit video for Rousy that I think perfectly captures her boundless happiness. All the dogs we take out love the trip...some like sniffing things and chasing after quick moving critters in the bushes, some like watching the bikes and runners go by, some just like to sit on the bench with us and get petted. But Rousy, Rousy is a river dog.

She leapt, she ran, she dived, she swam, she chased feathers and caught them in her mouth, she chased tennis balls, she paddled, she watched a beautiful heron fly from one side of her horizon to the other, mesmerized. Ron and I both waded out far into the river with her on the shallow sand bars and our grins couldn't have been any wider just basking in her joy.

I stood in water up to my thighs, my shorts rolled up, my bare feet in the sand, and thought, honestly, life doesn't get any better. It's been a long week and it was a little tough to get to the shelter this morning...but then, as always, it was so worth it. I got to have an absolutely magical morning with Ron and with Rousy and with the river. Such a gift.

Rousy got to meet two other dogs near the water, and she did just great with them. A little sniffing and then they all ignored each other. She also met the young boy who belonged to the dogs and proceeded to smother his face with big sloppy kisses. When he came up for air, he said "I love dogs." Future PB Soc volunteer there, I believe.

I hope you enjoy Chloe's video of Rousy and that someone sees it and takes this wonderful girl home. And then takes her on many, many trips back to the water that she loves so dearly.

                   (If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

Update: Rousy has been adopted! But lots of amazing dogs are waiting. Please visit PBSOC for more info.




Aussie | Chandra

There are definitely dogs that we work with that I know will be great for someone else's family, but that I don't necessarily bond with. Maybe they are dog reactive, or have a little too high of a prey drive, or the chemistry is just not there. And then, once in awhile, there are the ones I want to scoop up and never give back. Okay, maybe more than once in awhile...

Jensen. Sydney. Murphy. Jackie. And today, Aussie.

Aussie by Shannon Skalisky.
I cannot tell you just how much I wanted to take this girl home.

She is a squiggly, sweet, fun loving doll of a dog. Walks great on leash with the sensible harness, is playful but settles down wonderfully when playtime is over, loves other dogs, rides beautifully in the car, is a great size (not too big and not too small), and has an adorable personality. At the river, I found myself thinking, ah, I bet Teddy would really like her and trying to figure out how to convince Ron that one more dog would be great. I picture two big crates in our living room, two dogs piled on the bed with us, two dogs with their heads in our laps...

Unfortunately, my sanity did eventually return and remind me that it's just not the time for us to add a dog to our family.

But this one, I cannot believe she's still at the shelter after more than a month on the adoption floor. I'm not sure why people are passing her by, but hopefully our video will help.

Please do share lovely Aussie and let's get this girl the home she deserves already! She's going to make someone very, very happy.

Update: We were the fastest foster fail ever...Aussie has found her forever home...with us! When it's right, it's right. To read her story, visit HERE  & HERE.




Thelma & Louise's Road Trip | Chandra (Update: Adopted)

A few weeks ago, after taking another dog to the river, we spent a little time with Thelma and Louise at the shelter. Thelma was just coming down with kennel cough, the day was extremely hot and both girls were just worn out. We hung out for awhile on the grass, gave cuddles and chicken, took a short walk, and took them go back to their kennel to relax.

Fast forward to today...

Field trip!

Thelma's kennel cough is gone, both girls have settled into life at the shelter and are super eager to get out of their kennel and have some fun. These two are best friends and look to each other all the time for reassurance and love. Thelma is the go-getter: she's energetic and happy and always at the front of the pack. Louise is much more layed back and happy to follow Thelma's lead. Both of them are loving and eager to learn and spend time with people.

Louise & Thelma

Everyone is hoping that these two loving pals can go home together...they are the epitome of a bonded pair.

Update: Thelma and Louise have been adopted. They went to separate homes, and are both happy and healthy with their new families.