The Vet, The Fence & Aussie | Chandra

Today Aussie took a little trip to the vet.

Her second one in three days.

The first one was to get her heartworm meds and to get her all checked out so we could sign up for pet insurance, which has been a big help with Teddy over the last couple of years. She was her wiggly, friendly self with everyone, lots of tail wags and kisses. Aussie is a very tolerant girl.

She's also turned out to be quite a bit more energetic than she was when we took her out of the shelter to the river or when we first had her home with us. I think she must have been emotionally exhausted from being at the shelter because she's much different these days.

In playgroups at the shelter, she was a rockstar. She got along with everyone and did a great job of interacting with the other dogs. She's terrific with Teddy at home too, and they're good at taking a break from playing before things get out of hand.

But she's suddenly decided that if she sees another dog on a leash and they are within about five feet of her that she needs to go completely nuts and try to get to them. Lunging and craziness ensue.

She also thinks that if she's off leash and sees a dog that the best thing to do is run right up to them, at full speed, without slowing down when she reaches them. And Aussie runs VERY fast.

As you can imagine, this does not go over very well with the dog she's greeting. Not at all.

In addition to greeting dogs will full force exuberance, she also has determined that she needs to greet new humans the same way. First the run at full speed, and then a big leap.

Goodness Aussie, what's up with that?

No more off leash greetings. And lots of leash work ahead of us with passing other dogs to remind her of her manners.

Can you see where this vet story is going yet?

The day after her checkup, we took her to Elk Grove Park, where there is a little dog park that is typically empty. That morning there was just one calm older lab and his human, playing ball. Aussie ran over, at full throttle. Dax the lab didn't like that so much. He growled at her and they both jumped up in the air at each other. It lasted about half a second and then they both sniffed butts and walked away. We headed her off and took her around the perimeter of the dog park where she happily checked out all the delicious smells. Until she made a run for Dax's (elderly!) owner and jumped on him.

Leash on, out of park. Lots of apologies. Major embarrassment.

That's when we noticed the gash in Aussie's side. Actually, the two gashes.

They didn't seem so bad at first but after getting home we looked closely and decided to call the vet. Aussie acted like nothing had happened; I don't even think she had noticed yet.

After sharing some phone pics of the wound, our vet thought it could wait until Monday, or might heal on it's own. But after a night of her being restless and me having to stop her from licking herself numerous times while we were supposed to be sleeping, and then her being very lethargic this morning and it looking worse, we ended up at the vet at 8:00 am.

Anesthesia and stitches. $425.

I'm hoping that the no-waiting-period-if-you-sign-up-for-pet-insurance-within-24-hours is a real thing. Fingers crossed.

Aussie now has a big shaved square on her side with some ugly looking stitches. And did I mention the still oozing blood? Luckily, she's feeling much better and ate her dinner like a champ. Right now she's wearing a striped T-shirt so she doesn't pester the wounds and sleeping next to me on the bed. I think she's happy to be home.

While she was at the vet, we had a handyman at our house.

He built a three foot extension above our back fence.

Why, you ask?

Because our sweet girl had enough of the neighbors little yapping dogs last week and jumped OVER our fence, into their yard.

Now, we know Aussie is a sweetie and likes other dogs. But all the neighbor saw was a pit bull barking and leaping over the fence at his little Pomeranian.

He was not amused.

Cost of fence extension? $480.

I'm pretty sure the Pet Insurance will not be covering that.

Aussie, though?

Our girl is priceless.


The Epitome of Forgiveness: Popeye | Chandra (Update: Adopted)

I know that every week I say we hung out with the best dog ever...but today, Popeye really did win that honor.

♥    Popeye   ♥

Popeye is a little funny looking at first glance...he's very short, with a great big head, a very muscular front end and a skinny little backside. At some point in his life Popeye had broken bones in his hind legs that were never treated and had to heal the best he could, on his own. Whatever his past was, he doesn't hold it against people. I've never met a more friendly, loving, sweet and happy dog. He's all about tail wags and big face splitting grins.

Popeye gets along great with everyone, likes to play with girl dogs and is waiting very patiently for a very special family to scoop him up and make him their own.

Please share Popeye far and wide and let's get this boy the wonderful home he so deserves!

(If you cannot see the video below, please view it HERE.)

Update: Popeye has been adopted! There are always lots of fabulous dogs who are available, please visit SacCountyDogs.com to see them and fall in love.


In Honor of Aussie's Home-aversary... | Chandra

A little about the newest addition to our family, on the one month anniversary of bringing her home; and pictures.


Wakes us up with kisses and little sneezes and big tail wags each morning. It's like she cannot believe that we're still there, every single day.

Curls up between us in bed, in a little pitball, every night. We wrap a blanket around her and she pretty much doesn't move until morning.

Gets the cutest look on her face when Ron & Chloe leave for school and she doesn't realize I'm still home...when she notices me, she gets so happy and wiggly.

Loves, loves, loves going for walks. The harness and leash come out and she's in heaven.

Is learning down and stay. Teddy is the quickest learner ever; not sure that Aussie is quite so smart in that department but she's trying. She sits and (mostly) stays when we prep her food and is an expert already at playing "find me" where the dogs stay, we go hide, they find us and get lots of treats.

Has found her voice. The first two weeks she didn't make a peep; now she's starting to make a cute little deep throated whine when she wants something. Mostly food. Sometimes a walk. Again.

Has helped Teddy lose several pounds with all the wrestling, tug and chase.

Has a bad habit of wanting to eat tennis balls. First she shreds them in little pieces, then consumes. No more tennis balls for her.

Loves everyone. If you meet her, you are automatically Aussie's best friend. Dog, human, she loves them all.

We're so glad we brought Aussie home, and even more thrilled that she's here to stay. Every day I kiss her on that cute little nose and say, "You are ours girl. You are home."

Walk please!

Daddy is my hero.


Best buds in a down stay before dinner.

10 seconds later brought a full on wrestling match.

Happy Girl.

Love you sweet girl.