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It's been pretty tough at Bradshaw lately. So very many dogs, management/policy issues that are causing more pit bull type dogs to be euthanized, and saying some very difficult goodbyes to dogs that don't deserve to go. Everyone is feeling pretty battered and there's lots of talk of what we all would do if only we'd won that big Powerball jackpot.

Since none of us did win, we just have to keep on keeping on, doing the best we can each day. We have to remember that what we do helps the dogs, even the ones who don't make it out. At the very least they are loved before they go.

On the upside, there have been nice full groups of new volunteers being trained and new energy and enthusiasm and, frankly, bodies, are all very good things. There was a terrific long-lead training with Ann King that will help all the dogs learn to chill and bring their adrenaline levels down. There was a training with Tug Dogs to teach everyone to work with some of the more challenging dogs at the shelter. Apollo, Banjo, Bandit, Beatrix, Boo, Dopey, Jazmyne, Jo, Jose, Lulu, Mickey, Piper and Tango got adopted this week. And then, of course, there are the dogs themselves. The spunky, joyful, live-in-the moment creatures who lure us to Bradshaw even when we'd all just as soon drink a beer, or three, and never return.

Dogs like Justin. We took this boy to the river today, and, once again, he's a dog we'd take home ourselves if we could. He looks like Aussie's brother, he's a real charmer, and did I mention the kisses? Oh, yes, he's a lover, this one.

(If you cannot see the video below, view it HERE.)

Justin walks beautifully on leash, knows sit, is eager to please his humans and is uber affectionate. He loved the car ride and adores playing with polite female dogs. He has a super soft mouth when he takes treats, is attentive and responsive, and would be a true pleasure to teach things to. If you want a boy who just wants to be your very best friend, Justin is the one. Dogs like Justin are the reason we all volunteer. 

The only thing I know to do when things get especially difficult is to go back to the source. Back to these blocky, squishy, huge grinned faces, to the souls who live to love. Back to the dogs. Back to our hearts.

Update: Justin has been adopted!



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