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I'm a little worn out from editing but awfully happy to have video on all of our new PBSOC dogs. Here's a little peek at the new faces on the roster...all are up for adoption at the Bradshaw Shelter, along with so many others. But hey, one at a time! My plan is to do video each week on the new dogs and eventually everyone will have something. With Shannon's photos, our great bios, playgroup videos and volunteer selfies and videos, the dogs will have well rounded webpages that will help adopters get to know them so much better. I figure it's great for the volunteers too; the better we know the dogs, the better we can help place them with the perfect family.








I also got some cute footage on a few of our longer term dogs who really need a boost.




So excited that Stanley went home on the very first day he was available (thank you Delyse!) and Jenny was adopted this week too. Two very big wins for PBSOC.

And, for a funny story, the photo room looked like a complete crime scene this week after Marla sprayed it with little blood spots from her happy tail. Blood spatter EVERYWHERE, including all of Shannon's face. It was seriously a scene from Dexter...we just needed the plastic sheeting. I laughed so hard I snorted, several times. Marla didn't seem to mind any of it, she just kept wagging that tail!

Also, if anyone has suggestions for good upbeat songs for the videos, please leave them in comments. I could use some fresh ideas!



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